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From one man's dream in 1957 - 2011  The Watkins Copicat.

The most popular echo unit the world has ever seen, or is ever likely to ever again.

Thank you Charlie for giving me and millions of others, a lifetime of musical delight.

Safety Advice

A few words about tape loops

Copicat faults and problems (FAQ)

A little about Charlie Watkins, & how the Copicat works

Watkins Copicat Advertising Brochures Through The Decades

Watkins Copicat Mk 1 / 2 / 3 Valve / Tube units

Watkins Copicat MK3 & MK4 Solid State units

Watkins Copicat IC - 300

Watkins Copicat IC - 400

Watkins Copicat IC - 500

Watkins Copicat Super IC

Watkins Copicat Super Shadow

Watkins Copicat Gold

The Watkins Joker

Watkins Copicat Spare Parts

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