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Amp-Fix is the place to buy your genuine w-e-m Copicat Tape Loops
smiling cat face Copicat Tape Loop Box

Made from the highest quality long life tape, tested to destruction by w-e-m who have been making tape loops since the onslaught of the first Copicat in 1958. Obviously w-e-m know what’s best for the machines they invented. NOTHING from the influx of back room marketeers comes anywhere close. No more clogged heads, shedding oxide, drag or sticky tape syndrome.
Only genuine w-e-m tape loops are good enough for the machines w-e-m invented. You might buy cheaper but not as good or better.
To order, head on over to the Copicat parts page. We are happy to ship worldwide.

The Owners Club

A fairly recent and interesting website for owners of w-e-m equipment or those just wondering what all the fuss is about.
Run by Gordon Heley who owns what must be one of the biggest collections of w-e-m equipment on the planet.
If you register, you can upload your own w-e-m equipment pictures, and view the many pictures other members have already uploaded.  There is a club forum if you have something to say or share with like minded people.






Champ Electronics is run by my friend and rival John Chambers, who undertakes all manner of valve amp repairs and restoration, besides some enormous self build projects.  A very interesting website for all valve heads, always something new going on there.  If you are in need of a special transformer, speak to John, he'll make you one!  If you need to contact John, I would point out that he is a night owl who works through the night so no point in ringing before 2.30 pm.  Click the link to see what John is up to now.

Champ Electronics - Vintage Amp Repairs

If you are enthusiastic about Alfa Romeo cars

Do your own maintenance and servicing, are pissed off at the price of special tools needed
to do just about anything?
Then look no further, this has to be the site for you.
They'll probably even have a thingy to remove the bloomin' what's it!

TotallyAlfa - Aftermarket Tools for your Alfa Romeo

TA21 9BT
01823 661921


For reliable info on Hofner Guitars, Selmer Amplifiers , Watkins / W-e-m and much much more. You must visit this splendid site run by Steve Russell and Tim Fletcher.

And a very very very very rare echo unit indeed !!

c1960 Selmer-Truvoice "Echo 400" Tape Echo

Having restored the cosmetics of this echo unit, it is my intention  (sometime during my retirement years ha ha) to restore the mechanics and electronics to full working order.  I have no schematics or service information on this model, if you have or know someone who has, I would be very grateful if you would contact me, with details etc.  Also if you have any publicity, pictures or other photographs it would be great if you would share them with me.  Have you ever seen another, used one, know anyone who did use one apart from Bert Weedon, do you have or know anyone who has one ???   Please please let me know. 

I now have another of these and may consider selling it, if you might be interested in making an offer, I'm all ears : )

Contact John Beer, details on the
contacts page

Doug Hoffman's site has lots of tube amp information, spares and interesting build it yourself projects.  Well worth a visit.

Alan Vale's site. Details of various amp projects and spares for sale.

The Watkins Website for replacement Copicat Tapes and The Watkins Story

Watkins Electric Music

The website for all lovers of everything concerning the legendary VOX AC30 amplifier

For anyone interested in VOX AC30 amplifiers, this is an incredibly informative, interesting and addictive website. Full of information, early adverts and constructional details on just about everything from the capacitors to the transformers. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more informative on the subject of the AC30 especially for FREE. Don’t go there unless you have 2 or 3 hours to spare, it’s Incredible! ENJOY.

The Echo Tapper website for delay patches for Hank B Marvin fans

Isolation transformers DI boxes etc.

Vintage Radio Repairs & Restoration.  Ray Heffer. 35 Henty Road, Worthing, West Sussex. BN14 7HE

Tel: 01903 610090

Our primary interest is in vintage guitars and amplifiers manufactured from the mid to late 1950s through to the 1960s in the USA. We concentrate on guitars and amplifiers from famous American brands such as Harmony, Kay, Airline, Silvertone, Supro, Danelectro and National. Many were sold through the large mail order catalogue companies.

Soundpad. Born in 1972 and nurtured through the many musical styles of Rock, ...
We'are located in Barnstaple, North Devon, UK and Torquay, South Devon, UK.

Custom Plastics, the link says it all.

Custom Plastics Display and Engraving

ROGER COLOME Vocalist Guitarist a highly respected all round country music entertainer.  For enquiries, email :

Ok, nothing to do with guitars echo units or amplifiers
BUT if you like dogs, you'll love these.

My sister Jill & her Husband Clari are highly respected breeders of The Afghan Hound, they are also dog show judges and have kept, bred and shown Afghan Hounds since 1973, six of which were champions.
Click the link below to view the Gilari website and the best of the breed you're ever likely to see.

Gilera Afgan Fergie