The Watkins Clubman Reissue

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Hello, I'm the new Watkins Clubman amplifier, the baby of the Watkins family, built just like they were in the early sixties.

I'm not a copy or a clone, I'm an official reissue, fully approved and licensed by Charlie Watkins, of
W-E-M, London, England.
Shown here in a Red & White livery, also available in Blue & White & Black & White.

The IEC power connector. switch and externally accessible mains fuse are requirements of today's safety regulations.

My controls are simply Volume & Tone with a high gain (Solo) input and a lower, mellower (Rhythm) input.

To standardise the cabinet details, I have been built on the same sized chassis as my big brother the Westminster, otherwise as near as regulations allow, I am electronically the same as my older brothers from 1963-64. I now have an HT Fuse and a 120v- 240v voltage selector. My loudspeaker, "Charlie's Choice" is an 8" Jensen CR8 which is perfect for my requirement.
My cabinet is hand made from best quality 9mm Baltic Birch ply from sustainable sources.

All my components are RoHS Compliant, & lead free solder has been used throughout.

My transformers are made in England, reverse engineered from original Clubman transformers, but due to today's safety regulations the mains transformer has been wound on a dual section bobbin to fully isolate the mains (primary) winding from the secondary windings.

And look, three real valves/ tubes! No transistors, chips or pcb's, just the original style point to point wiring all painstakingly done buy my builder JOHN BEER. And yes that is an original Mullard EZ80 rectifier. The output valve is a Military spec EL84 with a JJ ECC83 in the silver screening can. The first five units will have Mullard Rectifiers, which are very rare unused old stock.

Black Diamond livery New for 2021

At about 5 watts RMS there's clean undistorted sound. I have the balls of a Rottweiler on steroids when fully cranked.
Trust me, I can make more than enough noise to annoy the neighbours : )

Not mass produced, all hand made by John Beer. To register an interest or to place an order, please do so via one of the links below. The big brother 14 watt Westminster is also now available. To view the chassis and details, click the Westminster link on the Home page. You may also be interested to see the Beer Amp from the home page link.

Thanks for looking. I hope you like what you have seen, which is a brand new safe and reliable vintage amplifier without the agro of buying and restoring an old one. Remember too that the legendary Charlie Watkins is fully behind this product.

Price including a 'retro style' slip cover £795
With optional Weber 8" alnico speaker (not available seperately) £845